Everyone is welcome at our lessons: families, children (2nd grade and up, younger with approval), adults, singles, couples. Lessons are designed to expose you to all of the mainstream calls (entry level) during each lesson cycle (15-20 lessons). Once you have completed one lesson cycle, you will be able to go out and dance at any club's mainstream dance, however you will be encouraged to attend another lesson cycle to solidify and expand your skills. 

We welcome new dancers at the start of a lesson cycle; please contact me to find out when our next start date will be. Experienced dancers are welcome to join us at any time. By starting new dancers in groups, it allows us to focus on their needs and teach new skills as we are reviewing calls previously taught. 

Windmill Squares Workshop Mondays 2018-u

During lessons, we use a variety of dance structures and formations to keep it interesting. We also play dance games weekly and dancers have a chance to earn dangles through both fun and challenging dances. Our music is a combination of traditional and modern music.


We have a lot of fun at our lessons and hope that you will be able to come join us. No special attire or shoes are necessary for lessons.

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